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Last July, our Montreal members hosted a group of juniors from Kootenay Orienteering Club, BC. We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of their experiences.

This is what David Howe (16) had to say:

The trip to Montreal and Perth was amazing, it had everything I could want in a trip. My favourite things were the Sass Peepre camp and the relay race on the final day at Canadians. I really enjoyed site seeing in Montreal, seeing the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, hanging out in my hammock on a tree branch over the lake at the cottage at Upper Beverley Lake and catching fish there too.

For the future I would like to train on harder maps with less trails and descriptions just to further prepare myself for when I move up a category. The girls had a tough time with their map 8-9 move up.

Next year I have to move up.I also really enjoyed the different terrain as it added more of a challenge, but I don’t like all the poisonous plants they have or the extra swampy conditions. Overall this has been the trip of a lifetime. I cannot thank Laura, Scott and Daniel enough, along with Anna Fichman and her family and of course the KO club with which this trip would absolutely not have been possible.
David Howe

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