Tuesday, August 17th

1. Dorwin falls park
3102 1st Avenue, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0
Access fee is valid for 3 parks: Dorwin Falls Park, Cascades Park and the municipal beach
Child non-resident (0 to 6 yrs): free
Youth non-resident (7 to 12 yrs) and seniors 65 yrs and over: $4
Adult non-resident (13 yrs and over): $12

Payment at the entrance (money, debit card or credit card – Mastercard and Visa)

Details here: https://rawdon.ca/en/tourism/recreational-tourist-sites/price-list/

2. Ferme Guy Rivest:
1305 Chemin Laliberté, Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0

We have negotiated an amazing rate for our group: 4.25$ +tax per person.

Please pay online, click on “kid”, enter “Ramblers” as your family name, select 14:30 or later (the booking system allows 15 persons per 30 minutes), arrive at the time that you booked to make the registration process easier (the SI system will be used). Stay as long as you want: you may run as many courses as you want, and also enjoy other activities and the gift shop of the farm.


Wednesday, August 18th

Plein Air Lanaudia
1500 7e Rang, Saint-Côme, QC, J0K 2B0

We’ll be booking a group camping for the day, price to be confirmed, maximum 15$+tax per person.
Please have your cash ready: I will pay for the group.

Thursday, August 19th

1800, chemin Laurin, Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0

We have negotiated and amazing rate for our group: 10$ per adult, 5$ per child 12 years old or younger. Please have your cash ready: I will pay for the group.

Friday, August 20th

Chalets Lanaudière, secteur Lamoureux
8082 Avenue Morgan, Rawdon, QC, J0K 1S0

Please follow the Orienteering signs to the parking and proceed to the camping Prairie.


Access to the site is free for those who stay at the Chalets Lanaudière.

For visitors, the fee is 13$ +tax per person (6 years old or older). Please have the cash handy: I will pay for you with my credit card for this reservation.

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