Hello Orienteers, seasoned and those who just want to try it!

It’s official: The O-Camp is happening this summer, and the registration is open! Of course, the format will be different, in order to comply with all the COVID precautions. On the bright side, it will be all-ages-inclusive! The friendly and versatile region of Lanaudière will be ours to discover, so we’ll call this series of Orienteering fun runs: “Lanaudière-O-Rendez-vous”. Here is the new constellation on the summer map, the bottom of the dipper around Rawdon, QC:

Dates: August 16-21 (Monday to Saturday) for the group camping.
Orienteering activities will be taking place on August 17-20 (Tuesday to Friday).
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Lodging: Each family will need to find individual accommodation in their “bubble”.
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Food: food will not be provided, we will organize the water however, and maybe some fun snacks (ice cream on a hot day).

Locations and Fees: all activities and maps will be free. You will have to pay to access the sites where entry fees are required.
Click here for site addresses and site fees

Registration: Is open until midnight July 31st. Absolutely no late entries: I have to provide all the sites with complete list of visitors beforehand. During the registration, you will be asked to indicate your Orienteering club. As a member of the provincial and national Orienteering association, we benefit from an obligatory insurance. Therefore all of our participants have to sign a waiver, and be members of an Orienteering club. If you are not, please choose one, and become a member of our brilliant community! Friendly tip: “Azimut” membership is the least expensive (10$ individual, 15$ family).

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for as many days or half-days as you intend to participate in.

Should you have any questions, or want to help in any capacity, please feel free to contact me through this web site.
Big virtual hug.

Anna Fichman