Orienteering stimulates both the head and the legs. It’s a sport that involves finding your own way between 2 control points as efficiently as possible.
The participant:

  • Discover the park differently
  • Practice map reading
  • Improves orientation skills
  • Exercises… without realizing it
  • Practice using a compass (optional)

Attention, guaranteed fun!

Town Site Urban Quiz iO controls courses
Blainville Parc Blainville
425, 22e Avenue Est
Link to maps and instructions
Parc Dubreuil
80 rue Dubreuil
Link to maps and instructions
Parc Équestre
1025 Chemin du Plan Bouchard
Link to maps and instructions
Saint-JĂ©rĂ´me Parc Schulz
2052 rue Schulz
Link to maps and instructions
Parc CĂ´te Parent
500 rue Madeleine
Link to maps and instructions
Parc La Source
450 Boul. de la Salette
Link to maps and instructions
Parc Multisports
750 rue Ouimet
Link to maps and instructions
Parc des Hauteurs
65 Boul des Hauteurs
Link to maps and instructions
Sainte-ThĂ©rèse École Trait-d’Union
66 rue St-Stanislas
Link to maps and instructions
Parc Ducharme
160 Boul. Ducharme
Link to maps and instructions
Parc du Jardin des Sources
264 ch de la CĂ´te-Saint-Louis O
Link to maps and instructions
Rosemère Stationnement
209 rue de l’Église
Link to maps and instructions
Lorraine École du Ruisselet
65 Boul. de Chambord
Link to maps and instructions

Contact the organization to participate, plan fees for access, parking or maps
Town Site iO controls courses
Morin-Heights Club Viking
393 chemin Jackson
Maps available under the balcony and online
Val David Parc Régional 
1165 Ch. Du Condor
Organization website
Wentworth-Nord Base de plein air Bon départ
4610 Rte Principale
Organization website
St-Hippolyte Camp Bruchési
50, 365e Avenue
Organization website
St-CĂ´me Camp Lanaudia
1500 7e Rang
Organization website
Rawdon Kinadapt
1800 chemin Laurin
Organization website
Montréal Ramblers Orienteering Club Organization website
Mont Tremblant Domaine Saint-Bernard
539 Chemin St-Bernard
Currently being created!
Sainte-Adèle Parc du Mont Loup Garou
1970 Chemin du Paysan
Currently being created!
Mirabel Parc du Domaine Vert
10423 Montée Sainte-Marianne
Currently being created!
Bois de Belle Rivière
9009 Rte Arthur-Sauvé
Currently being created!

Acceptance of risk:
The site mapped by Azimut Laurentides is neither managed nor administered by Azimut Laurentides. The terrain of the mapped site may have changed, due to weather conditions, erosion, falling trees, man-made changes, etc., since the creation of the map by Azimut Laurentides. The participant is informed that the mapped site may have undergone such changes since the creation of the map.
Azimut Laurentides has taken all necessary measures to create safe routes in order to avoid participants finding themselves in areas considered dangerous. However, it is impossible to guarantee that no one will get lost and go outside the authorized territory.
It is the participant’s responsibility to remain attentive and to exercise caution while on the course. The participant is aware that orienteering encourages him/her to leave the trails, which can represent a danger, and that he/she must therefore exercise increased caution. Orienteering is a physical activity involving significant risks of property damage and injury, including serious injury or death. The activity must be carried out within the limits of the participant’s skills and physical fitness, and with the utmost vigilance and concentration.
The participant is responsible for any loss, breakage or damage to property.
Note that the greatest risks associated with orienteering are:

  • Urban course: Getting hit by a car or bike while crossing the street without looking.
  • Forest course: Getting hit in the eye by a branch. For this reason, we recommend you wear glasses or a baseball cap.

During the activity, we recommend you carry a backpack with compass, whistle, water bottle, snacks and first-aid kit.

The participant must be aware of the instructions and risks associated with the activity. By the mere fact of having the orienteering map in hand, the participant accepts the risks associated with the activity.

Running is good, but thinking at the same time is better!