Camp Azimut 2023

Hi Orienteering families!

You are kindly invited to join our Junior and not-so-junior camp on August 8-13, timed to get you in your best shape for the Canadian Orienteering Championships races, and have a lot of fun in the best company, in an enchanting setting of Chalets Lanaudiere lodging.

The camp will take place alongside a Junior Camp for Ukrainian Orienteers who recently came to Canada, and joined our Orienteering community. You’ll be invited to meet them and share your knowledge and love for our sport.

The capacity of the camp is 50 people.
All adults are required to volunteer. All children are required to register for the COC and Barebones.

Available lodging: 4 camping sites for up to 6 people per site, 4 yurts for up to 4 people per yurt, 1 cabin for 4 people, and 1 cabin for 6 people. I pre-booked all the lodging, so please contact me directly for a reservation. You cannot join the camp if you are not staying with us: there is very limited paid access to the Chalet Lanaudiere property that needs to be pre-arranged.

Lodging costs are excluded and paid separately by families.
You are also expected to cook or buy your own food except for snacks and one pizza party.
The following costs will be shared between campers (kids and parents): key volunteer mileage, creation and update of some maps, map printing, water, snacks, gifts, and awards, which come to $30 per person. We are applying for funding, so you will not be requested to pay these fees for now, I will bill you at the end of the camp for a maximum of $30 per person.

5 ½ days 5 nights

August 8 (COC model, Kinadapt)
Arrival: 10:00-12:00
First course: model courses provided by Ramblers
Second course:
Beginners: line-O (contour and rock features on the map only)
Advanced (2 levels): corridor (contour and rock features on the map only)
Meeting the dogs in 2 groups between 2 and 3 PM
Group pizza at 3 PM then go to Chalets Lanaudiere to settle
8:00 Campfire

August 9 (St-Jerome)
10:00 Fundraiser relay for Team Canada
12:00 Lunch (on the spot or in St-Jerome)
14:00 Micro-O at the playground + maybe indoor courses (venue-dependent)
20:00 Vampire-O at the camp

August 10 (Lorraine)
10:00 Barebones
13:00 Beach-O (Emoji-O) at Chalets Lanaudiere
15:00 First teaching in groups (preparation for the Sprint)
20:00 Campfire (glow-in-the-dark party)

August 11 (Montreal)
10:00 Sprint
14:00 Sprint medals
16:00 Second teaching in groups (preparation for the Middle)
20:00 Campfire (Orienteering song contest)

August 12 (Ski Montcalm, Rawdon)
10:00 Middle
13:00 Third teaching in groups (revision of the Middle and preparation for the Long)
14:00 Middle medals
15:00 Corn Maze (20-min drive from the Middle location)
18:30 Banquet (optional)

August 13 (Ski Montcalm, Rawdon)
we need to leave the camp in the morning
10:00 Long
13:00 Race analysis in groups
14:00 Camp wrap-up: volunteer thank-you s and awards
14:30 Long medals

Every morning in the camp, we will have a lake run in 2 or 3 groups: for the little ones, in the Lamoureux sector swimming in the small lake, for the older: choice of the road to and from the big lake (lake Morgan) (2 km one way) or a trail run (about 3 km one way) to the big lake.

Hope to see you soon!
Anna Fichman